Application Migration

As time advances and technologies progress, your organization is faced with a dilemma – your vendors’ aggressive release policies threaten to strand your aging systems through the elimination of support for older versions of their products. But what if you don’t have the resources to upgrade now? If all the value of your business processes and data is embedded in a system that may need improvement but not a wholesale upgrade, why risk the work, expense, and upheaval? Rather than be driven to a costly upgrade by your suppliers that may not be necessary, you can manage the process on your own terms through Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). EAI lets you find the balance between legacy systems and implementing new technology platforms. Today, you can choose from a selection of industry-accepted tools to assist with your EAI and BPM (Business Process Management) projects. STL’s consultants are skilled in both these languages frameworks as well as the product lines based on them. Our consultants will help you perform the necessary analysis, development, and deployment activities required for EAI and BPM projects. Whether the integration involves Web services, access to legacy host systems, or access to proprietary systems, we develop integration solutions on-budget, on-time and on-strategy.