eboard_iconeHORIZON eBoard is an end to end solution to effectively manage your company’s Board. It is built using Corporate Governance best practices and manages all aspects of your Board from Minutes & Agendas through to Director Evaluation and Compliance. Most Boards meetings today have become a cumbersome process with the CEO and Company Secretary printing hundreds of pages for each Director which are often filed away and never looked at again. On the rare occasion that a Director does need the file, a request is sent to the CEO or Company Secretary who spend valuable time looking for the same document and printing it again. Powerful security means that every Board and committee member can only access the information they are meant to and all they need is a PC / Laptop / iPad and, an Internet connection and their secured password. eBoard system is based on a Software as a Service mode (SaaS) model and is hosted on a remote server and accessed through the Internet. Without getting too technical, simple examples of SaaS are the email (also called web-based email) systems offered on the Internet such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Advantages of the SaaS model of delivery

  • You only pay for what you need/use.
  • No need to buy expensive Servers, Software etc.
  • Accessible from anywhere using the Internet.
  • Secure STL’s Data centre partners offer unmatched security.
  • Reliability with multiple levels of redundancy
  • Scalability you can add hundreds of users in minutes.
  • Stress free as you focus on your core business competencies and we will manage the rest.
  • Simplified Billing as Simple monthly per user costs no upgrade or support fees.
  • Rapid implementation as the SaaS model means your company can be up and running in just a few days.

You decide on the number of users (Directors, Company Secretaries, and Committee Members) and we manage the rest. We appreciate your concerns for security as the eBoard system has comprehensive user security which starts at the time of logging in using a username and a 128 bit encrypted password. You control what each user has access to by defining roles and privileges within the system.

All of the information resides in our secure Data Centre which is actually co-located in 10 distinct locations around the world spread across 3 continents. Your data is continuously backed up on all 10 of these sites, meaning that in the event of a disaster or system failure at any one site, you will still be able to access the information from the other 9. This level of redundancy is unmatched and we are so confident – we are offering a 99.9% guaranteed uptime Service Level Agreement.

The system is very user-friendly and aims to make the most of the SaaS model. If you come to think of it, did anyone ever train you on how to use your Hotmail or Gmail account? We realize that Training is important and it will take approximately 1/2 a day. Training is delivered by experienced Directors who have themselves sat on various Boards and understand the challenges faced by Directors today.