damos_iconeHorizon Donors Aid Monitoring System (DAMoS) is designed and developed by Software Technologies Ltd (STL) to manage the full life-cycle of donor-funded project loans and grants from Agreement-level down to Contracts, Invoices and Payment Orders and from Project Initiation through to Project Closure with high level MIS. DAMoS is fully web enabled system with rich functionalities and features. eHorizon DAMoS is part of the eHorizon Suite, an integrated set of applications, which is designed to transform your business to a strategic force in today’s fast-moving corporate arena.


  • The system is highly parametrized to leverage the power of the Oracle database.
  • State of Art Oracle database for security, reliability, scalability and performance
  • Object-oriented application, built using PHP and the Zend Framework for rapid application development and consistent user interface. Significant websites written in PHP include the user facing portions of Facebook, Wikipedia and Yahoo!
  • Can be deployed on Linux or Windows according to customer requirements
  • As well as being multi-user, the system is web enabled and is highly scalable. A system that grows with the company’s needs is priceless it provides management with the flexibility they need.

Key Functionality

Project Management and Tracking

Tracks Donors, Agreements, Projects, Contracts, Invoices and Payment Orders.Tracks Grant Agreements. Projects can be funded by one or more Agreements. Projects can be monitored at Contract/Invoice-level or Disbursement-level.

Government Sectors

Projects allocated to both government Sectors, mapped to the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF), and to standard OECD Sectors. Projects allocated to Implementing Agencies, mapped to Vote Codes published in the government budget. Projects allocated to one or more Districts (or nation-wide).


Documents, e.g. Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project, can be attached to Agreements, Projects and Contracts and used to store Status Reports, Log Frames, Project Profiles, etc.Budgeting at Contract-level with user-defined Budget Categories.Amounts budgeted and paid automatically rolled-up from Invoice Item to Invoice, Contract, Project and Agreement level.

Funding Hierarchy

Sophisticated business rules to ensure that each level in the funding hierarchy meets financial and date requirements: e.g. A Project cannot award Contracts with a total value greater than the amount committed to the Project from the Agreements funding it Financial Commitments from an Agreement to a Project must occur between the Start Date of the Agreement and the End Date of the Agreement, The total value of Invoice Line Items for each Contract Budget Line must be less than the amount budgeted for that Budget Line.

Contact Management

Integrated Contact management, supporting multiple Contacts pre Project, Contractor, etc. and multiple contact methods per Contact, e.g. email, office phone, mobile phone, etc. Supports multiple currencies with automatic conversion using current exchange rates; maintains transactions in multiple currencies simultaneously for improved reporting (e.g. KES, USD, EUR).

User Interface

Intuitive user interface, delivered via standard web browsers (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) featuring pop-up hints on every field and per-screen customizable help text.Full auditing of all records, with a full record history available for every item in the application.User export of data in .CSV format for further analysis, e.g. in Microsoft Excel.Quick search across multiple fields for each item type, and query-by-example for complex searches