ecounty_iconThe implementation of Kenya’s new Constitution and the creation of 47 counties, each with their own respective County Assemblies, County Executives & numerous municipal Boards will create a situation whereby the Central Government will find it increasingly difficult to track and oversee the activities of County Assembly meetings, Board meetings at county level and above all, tracking the usage of funds from the Central Government at County Level. eHorizon eCounty & Fund Monitoring system will provide database and application to capture, store & retrieve all: counties with their own individual secure. Each county can maintain its own secure data set but access to all / certain sections can be provided to the National Executive / Transition Authority.

Furthemore, the central government, county governments and other stakeholders will want to track the use of funds being dispatched from the Treasury. eHorizon Fund monitoring module will track the full life-cycle of all government funds, loans and grants from Project Agreement level down to individual Contracts with suppliers, Invoices and Payment Orders. The system will track each project from Project Initiation through to Project Closure and provide stakeholders with Management reports, project progress reports. Furthermore, the system can be integrated into the Central Government IFMS system where required.

As the entire system is completely cloud based and highly secured, users can access the system from anywhere provided they have an internet connection and their secure username and password. The widespread use of mobile telephones and internet provision by the mobile phone operators means that users from all counties can essentially connect at will from anywhere in the country where there is mobile coverage and they have a device such as a laptop / iPad / Tablet / Smart phone.

Extracts from some of the information such as the Hansard record of county assembly meetings can then be published on public websites which can be accessed by all Kenya Citizens and other stakeholders bringing a level of accountability and transparency at county government level.


SAS70 Type II Certified Data Centre All Data Encrypted using 128 bit encryption in our Database SSL Access


Key Functionality

  • Making the Digital Government a reality
  • Distributed Access, Centralized Control & Monitoring
  • Improved Transparency & Accountability
  • Better coordination at county and National Level
  • Enhances transparency at all levels
  • Locally developed & ready for deployment  proudly Kenyan creating jobs for Kenyans.
  • Customizable to Government’s needs
  • No investments in servers & software pay only for registered users
  • Environmentally friendly save paper
  • Massive cost savings in printing costs
  • Cost savings in couriering documents from counties to National Executive
  • Automatically create an online Digital Archive in case original documents are stolen / lost /destroyed in a fire / flood etc.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Secure accessibility
  • Secure role based access controls what each individual user can do
  • Instant Scalability (Grow user numbers, number of counties in minutes without worrying about Servers, software etc.
  • Security (State of the art Data Centers )
  • Reliability (multiple levels of redundancy and failover)
  • Cost Savings (no servers, software licenses, upgrade & support fees and systems administration)
  • Easy to use simple web based interface
  • 24 x 7 support team