eHorizon Mkataba

mkataba logoeHORIZON Mkataba – Speed up your business contract life cycles. Minimize inaccuracies, noncompliance, unnecessary risk and legal issues. A guarantee that pricing, delivery dates, and other attributes of creating and managing contracts are accurate.

Contract Lifecycle Management: Powering Your Organizational Excellence

The contract lifecycle management is a complex process that ensures a contract is: structured properly and reviewed appropriately. Its terms and conditions enforced. It’s in tent realized, and its weaknesses recognized and corrected.

The eHorizon Mkataba manages contracts lifecycle from end to end with centralized contract repository, drafting, negotiation, renewal/ expiry notifications and capturing experience during tenure of contract. It also facilitates compliance, monitoring, and risk, thus managing contracts more efficiently.

Streamline and Manage Operations with eHorizon Mkataba

  • Manage all contract types including procurement/ sales/general, single, and multi-supplier, manufacturer/distributor, and more.
  • Re-use templates configurable with individual company/ organization style guides.
  • Collaborate internally and externally with a central copy of the contract and integration with digital signatures.
  • Manage financial performance including price compliance, renewal & amendments, and milestones

Benefits of Automating Contract Management

Automating contract management brings you top-line and bottom-line benefits that lead to a strong ROI for any size organization. By using eHorizon Mkataba you can:

  • Collaborate and process contracts easier and faster with a central contract repository
  • Initiate and create contracts more easily
  • Search for contract related information more easily
  • Get alerts regarding upcoming and past due commitments, including individual obligations
  • Increase security and validity by eliminating rogue contracts, creating a robust audit trail and ensuring security with automatic policy enforcement
  • Monitor multi-party contracts & sub contracts
  • Avoid penalties and sanctions

Let us power your journey to turn your contracts into assets with the most configurable, powerful and scalable contract management solution available.

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