sacco_iconeHorizon Sacco software is a part of the eHorizon Suite, an integrated set of applications, which is designed to transform your business to a strategic force in today’s fast moving corporate arena. It includes modules like eHorizon FOSA and eHorizon BOSA.
eHorizon BOSA ( Back Office Services Activities ) will help you to effectively monitor members share contributions ,grant them loans base on the current shares, and recover the loan over the stipulated period of time. The system also penalizes loan defaulters to ensure that the society does not suffer loss of income due to delayed payments.
eHorizon FOSA (Front Office Services Activities) is a semi-banking application providing Savings, fixed and Call deposit accounts services to it’s members. It also offers advances which can be viewed as small unsecured loans at low interest rates. The application credits salaries and/or periodic agricultural payments received from respective employers/institutions to the appropriate accounts. eHorizon FOSA differs from normal banks as it does not offer Current Accounts, Securities, Secured Loans, External Cheque Clearing or Foreign Exchange Transactions. It provides web based transaction and ATM services.