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Software Technologies CEO Empowers Women Entrepreneurs in SheTrades Rwanda

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We live in the age of digitization where amazing opportunities emerge when people and devices connect. Technology is empowering women entrepreneurs worldwide. Women in business are able to share information about their companies. Be visible. Expand networks. Connect and internationalise.

As a supporter of social and economic transformation of people and the world around us through technology, Software Technologies was part of the International Trade Center’s SheTrades Initiative Rwanda launch, under the Mitreeki East Africa-India Partnership help on 22nd – 23rd March 2017.

Through SheTrades initiative, ITC provides support to women entrepreneurs through seven pillars: championing quality data; promoting fair policies; supporting women’s participation in government procurement as well as in corporate procurement; promoting access to financial services, enabling market access and striking of business deals plus supporting women ownership rights.

These form a guide for policymakers and businesses to achieve greater gender inclusiveness in trade which is part of ITC’s effort to help UN member states achieve Goal s of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to empower all women and girls.

The pivotal initiative in Rwanda provides women entrepreneurs with a unique network and platform to connect to market,” noted the First Lady Jeannette Kagame in her remarks during the launch of Rwanda Chapter. “With the ambitious, yet attainable goal to connect 1million women entrepreneurs to global markets by 2020, SheTrades has found the key to unlocking one of the most important barriers to women’s economic independence.”

The Mitreeki East Africa-India Partnership saw a series of workshops held in conjunction with the SheTrades Rwanda launch for women entrepreneurs to explore how they can develop their businesses with a view to become international.  Software Technologies CEO, Jyoti Mukherjee was among the panelists in a discussion on: ‘Building and Growing Your Business through Internationalization: How women-owned enterprises can better attract international buyers and investors.’ She was also a panelist in a Breakout session for Information Technology Enables Services giving advice to participants on how to develop their businesses, attract investors and leverage the Mitreeki Communities of Practice.

“Empowering women goes with an ideology to empower the entire society. Today women are taking proactive role to social economic growth strongly for a society, Country and the world overall. ITC’s SHE TRADE initiative was a great opportunity to witness the serious role played by the young women who are paving their way to innovate, sustain and grow their businesses with vigor and serious involvement in every sphere of their business. It has been my pleasures to do a value adds and mentor the women. Besides adding value it was a great learning experience for me as well. One must remember a good brain is a good brain and good brain or mind does not have a gender. So every woman who takes her space seriously and puts her mind to the task without intimidation can achieve what she aspires to be.” noted Ms Jyoti in her remarks.

The launch brought together representatives from government, academia and the private sector to commit to actions that support women’s entrepreneurship and help them overcome barriers, including growing their businesses and accessing global markets.

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