SITA’s Mitreeki initiative – fostering entrepreneurship among women in East Africa

By April 22, 2017News
SITA's Mitreeki

In a world where accessing new markets is a key driver to growth, how can women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises be successful in international business?

Across East Africa, women are empowering themselves to create jobs and a sustainable income for their families through entrepreneurship. In Uganda, 34.8% of business owners are women – the highest rate in the world. And in Ethiopia, 26.1% of business owners are women[1]. Nearly half of all micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Kenya are owned by women. Clearly, women are playing an ever more vital role in the development of these and other East African economies.

To support these women entrepreneurs, the International Trade Centre through Supporting Indian Trade and Investment for Africa, or SITA, is implementing the Mitreeki East Africa – India Partnership. Mitreeki – a combination of the Sanskrit and Swahili words for friendship – is a platform where East African and Indian women come together to share knowledge, experiences and best practices with the objective to foster entrepreneurship among women. Mitreeki is a three-pronged initiative including Communities of Practice, E-Learning and Networking.

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