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Vision and Purpose

Vision & purpose

Our vision represents our enduring cause – our higher purpose. Software Technologies Ltd’s vision is to be Africa’s global software solutions company.


Our mission is to provide superior solutions exceeding customer expectations.

Our promise

We promise our customers Impressive Software Solutions

Our values

Our values represent our culture — the attributes that define our commitment to customers. We’re here to make a difference, to help you drive efficiency and new revenue, find savings, improve compliance and mitigate risks. Our customers inspire us to be better at what we do, every day.



Technology is the lifeblood of modern business. It can be complicated, but it takes organisations to a whole different level. At STL we understand the power & complexities of software because… We are Insightful



As the world rapidly moves on and the needs of organisations change, we have harnessed world class software solutions, to empower them to move with the times, because… We are Dynamic



The future may be difficult to predict, but we are always ready to try something new, something improved, something flexible, because… We are Innovative


Passion for Delivery

We put customers’ needs first so as to exceed their expectations. We offer real support, so as to help them be more efficient in an increasingly competitive world, because… We have a Passion for delivery

Experience the eHorizon Suite of Solutions

Learn how our eHorizon solutions can simplify the way you work, improve efficiency and drive compliance in managing people, processes and governance for tangible bottom line results – no matter the size of your business, the industry or where you are.

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Software Technologies Limited (STL) streamlines the way our customers work. We design industry-leading software and cloud based solutions that allow our customers to drive new revenue, identify savings, improve compliance and mitigate risk.

Our eHorizon Suite of Solutions are agile, intuitive, flexible, easily scalable and cost effective, geared towards helping organizations of all sizes realize their objectives efficiently. Our business approach connects everyone in one platform providing better visibility; insights and transparency whilst empowering you make more informed decisions faster.

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