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On 13 June 2019, the East Africa Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EAVCA) hosted the 5th Annual Private Equity in East Africa Conference at The Sheraton, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Centered on the theme Creating and Capturing Value through Private Investment, this year’s conference sought to probe the structure and role of funds in fulfilling the investment needs in the market, whilst diving into the barriers in the investment environment. With increased early stage investing in the region, the convening also hosted conversations on Scaling Access to Finance for early stage entrepreneurs in East Africa with a focus on trends, highlights and challenges unique to the ecosystem; plus additional dynamic sessions on the role of Mezzanine & Private Debt as sources of growth capital, investing in female-led businesses, value creation strategies & best practices for private equity in East Africa, technology, jobs & the future of work, and a-lot more.

The association was honored to be joined by key guests, H.E Dr. Eyob Tekalign Tolina,Ethiopia’s State Minister for Finance & Economic Development and H.E Abebe Abebayehu Chekol, Investment Commissioner at the Ethiopian Investment Commission.

Software Technologies was honoured to be a gold sponsor and our Operations Director, Mr. Chets Mukherjee, spoke about Good Corporate Governance in the Digital Age where he highlighted the different types of boards, importance of compliance and evaluations in a board and also automation of board processes for effective governance. This year’s conference marked the association’s fifth year of the renowned event, with over 250 from various sectors including; pension funds, commercial banks, private equity and venture capital funds, impact investors, high net worth investors, business owners, industry associations, government officials and regulators attending.

The transition to eHorizon eBoard has saved tens of thousands of pieces of paper every year. “We have reduced our paper consumption by 90 percent. And now our administrator’s time is freed up to focus on more rewarding boardroom tasks. I’d recommend eHorizon eBoard to any institution looking to move from paper to digital.” Abiud Ogechi – Head ICT College of Insurance.

Industry: Education
Education Solution: eHorizon eBoard

  • Consolidating hard copy board packs
  • Delivering the board materials in a timely, secure and cost-effective manner
  • Version control of documents
  • Courier distribution of board packs
  • Moving confidential board communications out of personal and corporate email systems
  • Physical  searching of content from previous minutes


  • Simple “drag and drop” board pack creation and sharing at the click of a button
  • Easy to publish and instant distribution of board materials
  • Synchronized update of last-minute revisions with email or SMS notifications
  • Instant publishing and sharing of board materials
  • Secure messaging and real-time collaboration
  • Instant access to all board materials from a digital archive


The College of Insurance is a premier trainer in Insurance and Business Management programs in East Africa and beyond with 7 campuses across Kenya. The institution offers local and international programs with several affiliates and has trained more than 12,000 students.  Since 1990, the College has delivered its objective to provide professional and technical training to employees and other people serving in the insurance industry.  Back GroundThe College of Insurance is a decentralized institution. The College’s governing board, the Secretariat, consists of 13 board members and oversees all aspects of the university — from academic issues to business and student affairs. Supplementing the Secretariat are five boards and its committees consisting of 31 people. The board meets 6 times a year and the committees meet twice every quarter. They started using eHorizon eBoard from 2014.

The Challenges

Each year the COI Secretariat and its boards and committees review hundreds of documents and thousands of pages of critical information. Gearing up for meetings, the board administrator and his team created hefty meeting packs, for each committee and the main board, that were over 450 pages each in length. Each had to be printed, collated, labeled and ultimately delivered to members.  The whole process took several to complete. In the process, it consumed most of the time of two full-time staffers and cost tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Delivering the board materials in a timely, secure and cost-effective manner was challenging. “It was crazy. We used to send the notices on emails followed by hand copy distribution of board packs using courier services to each meeting attendee at different locations.  Then 2 or 3 days later we would follow up with the main packs for the committee and the governing council,” explains Abiud. Changes to a released board pack were notified to attendees on email followed by phone calls, while the addition of new pages waited until the actual meeting day.

When Software Technologies approached College of Insurance to introduce eBoard, Abiud knew had gotten a solution that would alleviate the administrative burden, reduce costs, increase process efficiency, and improve his team’s productivity. Security was also critical since board materials contain such sensitive information.

The Approach

Horizon eBoard, which is commonly used by corporate boards, is now increasingly leveraged by university and college governance bodies to provide board members with secure and easy access to online documents anytime, anywhere and from any device.

It was daunting to switch from paper to digital. “Our members are of different age groups and some of them were not necessarily comfortable with the technology.

To ensure a smooth transition to eHorizon eBoard, Abiud rolled out the solution in two waves. First, the board administrative team was trained followed by board members and further support was available from a dedicated Implementation Manager, if required.

The Outcome 

30 Days – Number of working days saved annually by using eHorizon eBoard for meetings preparation 

$76,000 – Amount in Kshs saved annually by the College of Insurance’s board from going paperless and eliminating courier services.

By adopting eHorizon eBoard College of Insurance has succeeded in cutting costs, improving process efficiency and increasing the productivity of the Secretary’s team. eBoard system has proved much more convenient for members, who no longer have to transport heavy paper packages. In addition, members can easily access and mark up digital versions of materials from their laptops and tablets.

With eHorizon eBoard meeting materials can be assembled into a meeting pack in minutes, saving the College of insurance 30 working days annually. Instead of emailing and using courier distribution of printed board materials to 30+ members up to 14 times per year, board materials are now published and distributed instantly. This new method cuts process time further and results in greater labor savings, as well as saving up to $ 76, 000 annually for the College from eliminating courier services and going paperless.

What’s more, referencing of previous content is quite easy. “No longer need do you need to look for the physical copy. You can access all archived documents and search within them in seconds.  More so, the orientation of new board members is quite easy as all documents are instantly accessible on eBoard archive. Version control of documents is no longer an issue. “You can see the annotated document, see amendments made and track all changes made and who made them,” explains Abiud.

Members benefit, too. They now receive meeting materials more quickly and have that much more time to prepare fully for their meetings. More so, the board has gone green saving 5 trees annually from eliminating the printing of 40,140 pieces of paper for board packs alone. According to Abiud Ogech, “When new features come up or new Directors require training, the eHorizon eBoard support team is there to guide us through how to use them.

Overall, eBoard gets 10 out of 10 when it comes to ease of use and training support.”About Software Technologies We design industry-leading software and cloud-based solutions that allow customers to drive new revenue, find savings, improve compliance and mitigate risk.

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