Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social

At Software Technologies Limited, we are dedicated to being part of the social and economic transformation of people and the world around us through technology.


We have delivered high impact social development programs across three strategic pillars; IT Sponsorship and Training, Mentorship and Environmental Conservation.


Our experienced management team is involved in a mentorship initiative that seeks to foster and nurture leadership qualities in young entrepreneurs. They provide trainings in different business aspects like;

I.T Sponsorship and Training

Our goal is to actively raise the next generation of leaders in the IT industry while breaking the cycle of poverty. To achieve this, we sponsor the creation of telecentres and offer free world-class professional IT training, examinations and certification through the Institute of Software Technologies {IST}, an institution we established to offer training in IT skills.

Environment Conservation

Driven by our belief, “Let’s save the planet one sheet at a time.” we promote the conservation and the smart use of natural resources. We’re committed to promoting the use of paperless processes by organizations through automation of processes. We believe these small steps go a long way in the efforts to improve forest cover and consequently, water security. As a result of promoting the adoption of paperless processes, we have saved over 10,000 trees in the last 2 decades.

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