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Five outstanding Kenyan women entrepreneurs

Five outstanding Kenyan women entrepreneurs

Dinfin Mulupi looks at five Kenyan women entrepreneurs who have dared to enter the male-dominated world of business to build some of the region’s most respected companies.

Jyoti Mukherjee
CEO: Software Technologies Limited

Quote: “If we are able to export our products to the USA, India and Uganda, that means we have the capacity to make Kenya the IT powerhouse in the region.”

Together with her husband, Jyoti Mukherjee opened a printing supplies shop in Nairobi in the 1980s after moving to Kenya from India. In 1991 she started Software Technologies Limited (STL), one of Africa’s leading software distribution companies making hundreds of millions of Kenyan shillings in sales every year.

STL today can count over 150 corporations in east Africa as its clients, making Mukherjee one of the few women who have founded and run big technology firms in the region.

Mukherjee has steered STL from humble beginnings with just five employees to one of the largest software houses in eastern Africa with a presence in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, India and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2007 she was recognized as the Top ICT Businesswoman in Africa at the African ICT Achievers Awards. Mukherjee also founded the Institute of Software Technologies (IST), a fully fledged ICT training institute that provides education for IT professionals, developers and business analysts.

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