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Life Journeys

Life Journeys

Conversations with High Achieving Men and Women of Kenya – Kenya’s Women and Men of the Week.

Another great week as we get closer to closing-out the year.  We are to finish strong, keep up a great attitude, and remain productive, despite the Festive Season being on the horizon.  As important as it is to do what you love, it is more important to love what you do, despite what you are doing.
It might take ages before you actually get to do what you love, but in the meantime, as you work on acquiring skills, knowledge, and practical experience wherever you are, always remember that you are learning something.  Do what you are doing the best way you know how, and keep a great attitude and smile.  Also, read this incredible piece by Ciku Kimani, it might just change the way you view your work.


Enjoy this week’s “Kenya’s Women and Men of the Week.”

This week’s “Kenya’s Women and Men of the Week” are:  Artist and Sculptor, Chelenge Van Rampelberg; Publisher, Eunice Mathu; Entrepreneur, Jyoti Mukherjee; Global CEO, Nicholas Nesbitt; Writer, Philip Ochieng; and Chief Executive, Mugo Kibati.

This Founder and Managing Director of Software Technologies Limited (STL) was recently recognized as the Top ICT Business Woman in Africa.  As an SME, Jyoti Mukherjee’s company is continually raising the stakes of competition amongst Tech. SME’s and multinationals.

Education was of great value in my father’s eyes and thus an obligatory path for his children.  I obtained scholarships to study at Premier School in India and later studied at Bombay University in the morning and worked in the afternoon to pay for my studies.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and later acquired a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

The trick behind success is being 100% in the moment.  I would say that seven attributes are required for any successful endeavour in life: planning, focus, self-belief, positive attitude, love of the people around you, patience and hard work.

I never forget that God has put us in a place for a purpose.  We need to keep experiencing that purpose.  It is a journey.  Go through life smiling and strive to reach even greater heights.  It is essential that human beings we create acceptance of the people and circumstances around us.  If you cannot change the people you must be able to adapt.


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