Managing Governance

eHorizon eBoard, our simple yet effective solution provides an online board portal where you can easily create and share board packs, communicate with board members, keep and access board documents from a central place, comment on documents privately and share, chat with members of choice, track company plans and much more.

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Governance with eHorizon eBoard

Making  right & quicker decisions. With eBoard, you can run your
board and get more done on any device, anywhere!

How it Works

How our Board Portal Makes
your board’s Work Easier

With eHorizon eBoard, your organization’s directors can easily:

1. Meet and join in board meetings through our inbuilt video conferencing module.
2. Conduct board & committee evaluations in real-time.
3. Track compliance levels across the organization.
4. Vote and complete surveys electronically.
5. Share annotations electronically anywhere anytime.
6. Track milestones of company plans.
7. Receive and access board packs instantly.
8. Privately share thoughts and collaborate with other members outside of board meetings.
9. Search board information from centralized digital storage.

For board administrators, they too can easily:

1. Setup committees and add members.
2. Schedule meetings, create agendas and build meeting packs.
3. Capture and share meeting minutes.
4. Confirm RSVP and attendance.
5. Create meeting templates and reuse votes.
6. Upload by dragging and dropping files into the system.
7. Edit content privately and publish when ready.
8. Configure group-specific settings and security.
9. Manage member profile information. 10. Monitor activity and engagement.

Our state of the art security

Our systems have comprehensive security infrastructure based on managing a multitude of tactics, from preventing unauthorized access and virus control to legal protection and physical security.

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