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Mukhrejee Women Take Lead On Tech Innovation In Kenya

Mukhrejee Women Take Lead On Tech Innovation In Kenya

The women in the Mukherjee family know their technology, but mother Jyoti and daughter Nivi are approaching its use from very different angles in their respective bids to build a better, brighter Kenya.

Thanks to Jyoti Mukherjee, an Indian who arrived in Kenya at the age of 28 and started Software Technologies Limited (STL) in 1991, businesses can now manage their boardroom affairs online thanks to an innovative system based on cloud computing. Yet daughter Nivi has approached things from a different angle, using technology to improve the Kenyan education system. The eLimu tablet she conceived contains revision content, exam tips, quizzes and educational songs. It is in the process of a pilot for Kenyan primary school children and bids to tackle the high dropout rates between primary and secondary school in Kenya.

Technology is at the centre of Kenya’s economic growth, and the Mukherjee women are rightly focusing on it as a means of advancing the country as a whole. While Jyoti develops software that aids Kenyan businesses, Nivi is pioneering in using ICT to educate the young people that one day hope to staff these companies.

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