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Contract Management System

Contract management made simple

The contract life-cycle management is a complex process. You want to ensure your contracts are structured properly and reviewed appropriately. Its terms and conditions enforced. It’s in tent realized, and its weaknesses recognized and corrected.

Our contract management software makes contracts easy to create, with self-service and collaborative features that make day-to-day searching, authoring and contract administration easy and productive.

eHorizon Mkataba streamlines the contract lifecycle process from drafting and negotiation through to obligation management and renewal/ expiry. It connects all your people, processes, and contracts on one platform. It’s built with intuitive features, like online negotiation and editing, deadline alerts, approval workflows plus internal and external counterparties in mind.

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Why manage contracts

12% – 15%

of contracts are lost or unaccounted for in organizations? 


of corporate litigations are related to contract disputes?


of Company Secretaries cite “price changes” as the most common contract dispute?

“Source: Aberdeen Group”

Gain unprecedented contract management visibility & control

Automating contract management brings you top-line and bottom-line benefits that lead to a strong ROI for any size organization. eHorizon Mkataba offers contract managers, administrators and other contract management stakeholders a simple yet powerful online contract management solution that drives end-to-end contract management best practices and provides robust benefits, including:

Central Contract Repository - Access Documents Faster
Contract Initiation

Your drafting team can easily initiate contracts from their desk, using standardized templates which can be distributed among contract parties. Authoring tools that recognizes and accommodates formatting and collaboration capabilities.

Collaborative drafting and Negotiation
Accelerate Approval with Workflows
Audit trails and Reporting
Contract Experience and History
Control of Obligation Management

The stages of a contract life-cycle management

Turn your contracts into processes that are dynamic, transparent and critical to mitigating risks and driving business value.

Finally! No more


… for paper copies of your contracts being spread out all over the organization!


… your contract portfolio using paper files and folders or Excel and file directories!


… yet another important deadline, e.g. for the cancellation or prolongation of a contract!


… about your financial obligations and opportunities in your contract portfolio!

State of the art security at a glance

eHorizon Mkataba has a comprehensive security infrastructure based on managing a multitude of tactics, from preventing unauthorized access and virus control to legal protection and physical security.

Infrastructure Security

SSAE16- and ISO 27001- compliant hosting


Similar data is stored in multiple locations with automated fail over’s and load balancers

Network Security

All data and communications – encrypted using HTTPS and SSL protocols

Application Security

Developed using international best practices – SEI CMMI standards

Audit Trail

Track all activities in your environment

Access Right Control

Grant access to groups or individuals

Password Policy

Password is protected using AES 256-bit

ISO 27001:2013

Certified Management Systems

Experience the eHorizon Suite of Solutions

Learn how our eHorizon solutions can simplify the way you work, improve efficiency and drive compliance in managing people, processes and governance for tangible bottom line results – no matter the size of your business, the industry or where you are.

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