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Elevating Productivity & Streamlining Processes at ICDC

“eHorizon eBoard has added value to our organization in terms of our board meeting management processes. It is a great system that has greatly helped our organization in making our board directors proactive.”

Ms. Leah Mumbi- Head of ICT, Industrial & Community Development Corporation

Established in 1954, ICDC has over 60 years of experience and stability in promoting projects that create wealth and jobs for Kenyans in diverse sectors of the economy. We enjoy a heritage of expertise and stability as we promote businesses with the potential to become tomorrow’s blue chip companies. These include Manufacturing, Agro-processing, Energy, ICT, Infrastructure, Financial services and Education sectors.



Leah Mumbi, ICT Manager, states “I like that you are always upgrading the system. The system is constantly adding value to our organization. I feel like we are heard when we see the new updates put on the system. Once I saw the demo, I didn’t think twice about Software Technologies. She also highlighted the impeccable support Software Technologies provides.


Continuity and overall board management: With eBoard, there is continuity in managing the board’s processes. “With the Resources tab we don’t have to worry about where previous documents were stored, print previous bulky board packs as they are easily available” Leah mentions.

Easy updating and sharing of board papers: By providing the board with a central document repository, ICDC has seen an ease in the sharing of board papers. Leah is now able to share corrected documents from any board pack at any time. “I don’t have to worry when I have to send a corrected document, because I am sure everyone will be notified and it will be displayed on the homepage and stored in the briefcase.”

Ensured 24/7 secure access to data from anywhere in the world: Board members have all time access to the meeting pack. “Board members are prepared for the meetings and the CEO mentioned he had observed a sense of proactiveness among the directors.” Leah states.

Savings on time, money and resources: Previously, the organization’s time, printers and paper reams were all excessively used in preparation for board and committee meetings. With eBoard, ICDC has saved close to 50,000 USD in printing and distribution costs. They also continue to make an environmental impact by using less paper and saving more trees.

Data Security and Confidentiality: “eHorizon eBoard is a secure platform and when we use it, we are sure our documents are secure.” Leah states. Software Technologies is ISO 27001 certified and the management systems put in place maintain world class standards of information security.