Do you sometimes find it stressful to record all the motions discussed during assembly meetings? Do all your members have access to Assembly Order Papers? Do you have a repository for all motions, Bills or the Hansard?

Our eParliament solution simplifies every aspect of legislative procedures. eHorizon eParliament provides a paperless digital solution that enables access to rich, contextual information to everyone in parliamentary process, anywhere and on any device by providing a unique repository and user-friendly interface for members, assistants and administration to deal with legislative documents.


How it Works

eHorizon eParliament’s benefits include:

  1. Integrates multiple legislative stakeholders and processes into one orchestrated process
  2. Improves performance by reducing time needed in legislative process
  3. Reduces process complexity and shortens the learning curve for MPs and Government officials (process driven)
  4. Saves money by decreasing the costs for preparation and holding of sessions
  5. Maximizes benefit with a centralized repository of information, providing better information security
  6. Reduces redundant processes, paper usage and printing cost, storage and preservation cost
  7. Provides multilingual support, better transparency in governance accountability


Our eHorizon eParliament solution is agile, intuitive, flexible, easily scalable and cost-effective. It is geared towards helping House Assemblies realize their objectives efficiently. We connect every member on one platform, providing better visibility, insights and transparency whilst empowering them to make informed decisions.


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