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Why we have Partners

We have partnered with experts to help our customers across all industries transform and run their businesses efficiently. Our partners work together with you to identify, buy, implement, service, support and run STL eHorizon suite of solutions to best fit your unique needs.

What STL partners do

Our team of trusted partners works with customers of all sizes, across all industries and countries across Africa to transform and drive efficiency and compliance in managing people, processes, and governance. In doing this, they simplify human resource management, management of board meetings and contract management for you.

Our partners do far more than sell you STL eHorizon solutions. As trusted experts in addressing specific needs in governance, contract management, and people management, they will be your trusted advisor who will;

1. Identify the solution to address your challenges.

2. Employ the ideal deployment model that aligns to your business objectives.

3. Provide ongoing support services to help you get the maximum value even as your needs change and your business grows.

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