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Increasing Accountability & Streamlining Processes at TelPosta Pension Scheme

“For me, eBoard has been an amazing experience. Using it has made it easy for me to manage the process of preparing for board meetings, distribution of board packs, capturing minutes and monitoring who has read the board pack”

Mr. Peter Rotich, Administrator / Trust Secretary, TelPosta Pension Scheme

The TelPosta Pension Scheme was constituted vide a Trust Deed dated 1st July 1997 by then Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation. Its main purpose is the provision and custody of Pension and other retirement benefits of the employees and former employees of Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (now defunct) and Telkom (K) Limited.

The Challenge

“As the Trust Secretary, I am primarily in charge of the board meeting process. For every board meeting, I had to put together board packs; print, assemble and distribute hard copies. Factoring in last-minute updates and amendments to meeting materials after board pack has been released -where a change in one agenda item affects several pages – board meetings were very stressful situations.”  Mr. Rotich recalls

Why Software Technologies

Software Technologies has excellent customer service. It’s not a one-time thing where you get the system and never hear from the company again, it is a consistent and empowering journey. They promptly respond to any queries I may be having and are constantly improving my experience as a client through the continuous development of the system.” Mr. Peter Rotich profoundly states.

The Results

Seamless board evaluations and easy report tabulation: With eBoard, TelPosta Pension Scheme’s Board of Trustees now has an effective, online and dynamic way of carrying out the assessment together with an automatic report generating system. “When we got an external performance evaluation expert, he stated that your evaluation module adheres to set regulated policies by the Law.” Mr. Rotich recalls.

Easy updating and sharing of board papers:  By providing directors with a central document repository, TelPosta Pension Scheme has seen an ease in the sharing of board papers. Mr. Rotich is now able to share corrected documents from any board pack at any time.  “I don’t have to worry when I have to send a corrected document, because I am sure everyone will be notified and it will be displayed on the homepage and stored in the briefcase.”

Ensured 24/7 secure access to data from anywhere in the world: Board members have all time access to the meeting pack. “We upload everything on eBoard and board members can access the details wherever they are, whenever they want, 24 hours a day. The board members can review and annotate from wherever they are. It’s saved us so much time,” said Mr. Rotich. “I regularly see our Board Trustees viewing documents at any time, day or night.”

Savings on time, money and resources: Previously, the company’s time, printers and paper reams were all excessively used in preparation for board meetings.  With eBoard, TelPosta has saved close to 40,000 USD in printing and distribution costs. They also continue to make an environmental impact by using less paper and saving more trees.

Access to previous board papers: It is easy for members of the board to refer to board documents from previous years as they are conveniently stored in the Resources. “We don’t have to interrupt a meeting so as to get a previous board paper as it is readily available in the Resources module.” Mr. Rotich states