Software Technologies Limited

Transforming our experience into your success

Our executive team brings together an array of backgrounds to focus on one goal: customer success. At STL, the glue that binds us together is our passion for technology that helps businesses with managing people, processes and governance.

Meet the passionate team that brings such wealth of knowledge and experience to the company:

Mrs. Jyoti S. Mukherjee

Group CEO

Mrs. Jyoti S. Mukherjee  a pioneer in the East African IT field, Jyoti founded Software Technologies Ltd. (STL) in 1991. Jyoti holds a Degree in Database Architecture and in Business Administration. She has a background in Management, Finance, Marketing, Processes, Quality Control and Design. Currently, Jyoti is Group CEO of STL & IST. Under Jyoti’s vision and customer biased approach, STL has designed its own eHorizon suite of solutions. She believes in her process driven management and has grown the team to be proactive and result-oriented. Her mission is to use the latest international technologies to build world-class local solutions and continuously sharpen peoples’ skill set so as to help build strong communities in Africa.

Chets Mukherjee

Operations Director

Chets Mukherjee is the Operations Officer of Software Technologies Limited (STL) who develop Governance, Risk & Compliance software.  Chets has consulted for some of the largest organizations across Africa and managed implementations of multi-million-dollar software projects, coordinating multi-discipline teams across several geographies. He has overseen the implementation of Governance solutions at over 250 of Africa’s largest companies.  His hands-on experience architecting distributed cloud-based infrastructure and in-depth knowledge of cloud security make him one of the leaders of cloud technology on the continent.  Chets is a graduate of the London School of Economics and the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Anthony Kombo

Business Development Manager

Anthony Kombo is the Business Development Manager, heading the Sales and Marketing team responsible for selling the eHorizon Suite of Solutions His charming and intuitive nature has played a key role in establishing, improving and maintaining customer relationships.  He has a MBA in Strategic Management and a Degree in Management and Leadership with a specialization in Marketing.


Jaswinder Gahir

Head of SAAS Delivery

Jaswinder Gahir leads the team implementing the eHorizon HRMS and eBoard systems. She possesses a Higher Diploma from the University of Greenwich U.K. She has over 10 years in system programming and implementation. She has proven to be a very valuable key performer in the department due to her diligence and a keen eye to detail.


Michael Orenda

Development Manager

Michael Orenda joined STL as a junior developer and is currently the Development Manager. With over 20 years of experience in software development, he is involved in many complex and simple projects from conception to implementation. As a man of few words, his all-round nature and industrious demeanour makes him a valuable member of any team he is a part of.


Loice Mbugua

Support & Implementation Manager

Loice Mbugua is the head of the support and implementation team. With her leadership, problem solving, initiative and people management skills, she ensures that our clients are satisfied with STL’s business solutions. She has a Diploma in Information Technology from Mount Kenya University.


Silvia Wanjiru

Human Resource Officer

Silvia Wanjiru is in charge of the Human Resource department. Her core activities revolve around office administration, talent acquisition, employee well-being and development and general employee management. She has over 3 years’ experience in employee management and over 4 years’ experience in counseling. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Kenyatta University, Dip Addiction Counseling, CPA1 and currently completing her HR professional certification in CHRP.