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Governance in Kenya

Good Governance in the Digital Age

Many directors are feeling outmatched by the ferocity of changing technology, emerging risks, and new competitors. Here are four ways to get boards in the game. Today’s boards are getting the message. They have seen how leading digital players are threatening incumbents, and among the directors we work with, roughly […]

Society of Clerks at the Table – SOCATT Annual General Meeting

Software Technologies Operations Director, Chets Mukerjee, took the Clerks of Assembly present through eHorizon eParliament, a platform aimed at bring simplicity to legislative procedures. Software Technologies was an official sponsor of the conference. SOCATT (K) prides itself of several achievements including the negotiation on budget ceilings for the county assemblies, […]

Kenya IT Sector: Innovative Software Solutions by Software Technologies Limited

Interview with Chets Mukherjee, Operations Director at Software Technologies Limited What is your current assessment of the IT sector in Kenya and what do you consider to be the latest trends? The IT sector in Kenya is very diverse. It includes hardware, software, telecoms, etc. Increasingly, we have the fintech space that is taking off. […]

How Digital Technology can Improve Board Meetings for Companies in Kenya

One of the biggest business revolutions in history is happening nowadays: the digital transformation of companies across industries. Digital environments democratize opportunities for both small and large organizations, as they are openly accessible. Organisations have found in innovation a new engine for the road to success. To achieve this goal, […]