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Simplifying Business Processes with Our Comprehensive Solutions

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency and streamlined processes are crucial for success. To stay competitive, organizations need reliable tools that simplify their operations and enhance productivity. At Software Technologies Limited, we understand the challenges faced by businesses, which is why we have developed a suite of innovative solutions aimed […]

Streamline Your Board Management Processes with Our Innovative Solution

Effective board management is essential for the success of any organization, but it can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Fortunately, Software Technologies Limited has developed an innovative solution that can help streamline your board management processes and make them more efficient. Let’s explore the benefits of our board management […]

The Foundations of Strong Corporate Governance: Building a Framework for Success

Enhancing Transparency, Responsibility, and Stakeholder Confidence Corporate governance is a critical component of any successful business, as it provides the framework for making informed decisions, managing risks, and ensuring that the interests of all stakeholders are taken into account. Effective corporate governance starts with a strong foundation of transparency, responsibility, […]

The Importance of Compliance in Corporate Governance

The modern business environment is fraught with many risks and considerations that any company cannot afford to neglect if they are to be sustainable. For instance, today’s businesses are not solely inspired by the customary need to make profit for their shareholders but companies are also obliged to consider diverse […]

Why SME’s should Adopt Modern Governance Practices

If you look at some of the fastest growing economies in Africa, what sets them apart is not just the performance of the large and listed corporations but the robust and vibrant SME presence. SMEs form one of the most influential business sectors in African countries and remain the biggest […]

NEMA Board Trains on eHorizon eBoard Evaluation of Directors Performance

National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) Board of Directors were recently trained on using board assessment tool, eHorizon eBoard Evaluations to appraise board performance. The training that took place at NEMA head office was facilitated by Software Technologies Ltd. Chief Executive, Jyoti Mukherjee. eHorizon eBoard Evaluation is a board assessment tool developed by […]

ESG and Our Role in the Fulfillment of the UN SDGs

ESG is a core strategic mandate and principle of the WFE and this year’s survey mapped exchange activities to the WFE’s Sustainability Principles for the first time. These principles, published in October 2018, state that exchanges will: work to educate participants in the exchange ecosystem about the importance of sustainability issues; promote […]